Teen With Epilepsy Meets Her Idol

Jada is 18 years’ old and while most of his hits came out well before she was born, she is a huge fan of Bobby Brown. She says part of the reason she loves him so much is because they are quite a bit alike.  “I just like his persona,” she said. “He’s very different. I’m different.”

When Jada had a seizure on her 18th birthday her mom, Ashley, took to Facebook asking for prayers.  Bobby was one of those to comment offering support and prayers.

When she heard he was having a concert in Atlanta, Jada saved enough money to attend.  But, on the way to the concert, she had several seizures which doubled the drive time from 4 to 8 hours.  Ashley spoke with his bodyguard and arranged for Jada to meet Bobby once they arrived.

Ashly said, “When she saw him, it was so emotional.  There wasn’t a dry eye behind us.”

Jada said it was “The best day of my life.” 

We are certain it’s one she won’t soon forget!


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