College Student Arrested While Having Seizure

Courtesy: Jaime Danies / Senior Staff Photographer / Columbia Spectator

NYPD officer’s arrested college Student, Shlomo Singer, after campus security  called them because he was exhibiting threatening behavior in the school’s Barnard’s Hewitt dining hall.

He regained consciousness at the police station and had no recollection of what happened. He has seizure’s that cause him to sleep walk.

After the school learned the student his actions were caused by a seizure Dean of the College Avis Hinkson issued the following statement:

“The student is not banned from the Barnard College campus nor restricted from Hewitt Dining Hall. To be clear, the College will never take legal action or ban a student from our facilities solely because of a medical condition.

She also indicated they her office was working with NYPD to have all charges dropped.

Mr. Singer states both the college and the dining hall were aware of his conidition because he’s had seizures before.  He went on to say he is experiencing issues with the college including questioning him living in the dorms as he may be a “threat to others.”


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