My Purple Friends

My Purple Friends Epilepsy Awareness is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


My Purple friends Epilepsy Awareness was founded on June 01, 2015.  It started as a fully self funded, world-wide epilepsy advocacy and education project.  In just over a year it grew to have a presence in over 135 countries around the world.

We provide free education seminars in libraries, schools, public venue and places of employment.  We utilize social media and the corporation’s website to provide facts, statistics and other related data on causes, current research and new treatment options.

Our programs include helping patients locate Neurologist and Epileptologists in their area.  We work one on one with newly diagnosed patients to help them understand their diagnosis.  We assist patients in effectively communicating with their doctors so they receive the best treatment options available.  We refurbish donated computers and distribute them to those who need access to resources.  All programs are offered irrespective of race, ethnicity or religion.


Redefining epilepsy advocacy


Our vision is a future with a global understanding and acceptance of epilepsy.


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